• Precise & User Friendly
  • Precise PWM based DC Stepper motor Drive
  • Occlusion adjustable Spring loaded Pump Head
  • Membrane keypad with LED Display
  • Complied with CE requirement
No. of Channels  One
Flow Rate  0.002 ml to 9.99 ml/min
Speed  0.01 to 9.99 RPM
Tubing  1 to 3 mm I.D. with 1 or 1.6 mm Wall thickness
No. of Rollers  2
Pressure  UP to 2 Bar
Accuracy  ± 1 %
Input Supply  230V +/− 10%, 50Hz, Single phase AC, 50 Watt
Display  Three digit LED Seven Segment  Display
Motor  DC Stepper Motor (Cont. Duty)
Drive  Microcontroller Based control Circuit and PWM Based DC Stepper Motor Drive
Mode Of Operation  Auto / Manual
Manual Mode  Speed Variation by means of by using Front panel key pump
Auto Mode  Speed Variation by means of External 4...20 mA Signal
Remote ON/OFF  Potential free Digital Input
Weight  7.5 Kgs (Approx.)
Enclosure Powder coated Aluminium
Outer ARM Anodized Aluminium
ARM Cover Transparent Polycarbonate
Rotor S.S.316/S.S.304
Rollers Carbon Filled Nylon

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