• Accurate & user friendly
  • Simple to setup and easy to operate
  • accept 10,20,30 and 50ml syringes
  • high resolution colour touch screen
  • Automatic Syringe detection
  • KVO Function
No. of Channels  One
Operating Modes  Rate mode, Time mode, Weight mode
Rate Mode
Flow Rate 0.1 to 1000mlƒhr (in 50ml
0.1 to 600mlƒhr (in 30ml Syringe)
0.1 to 400mlƒhr (in 20ml Syringe)
0.1 to 400mlƒhr (in 20ml Syringe)
Time Mode
Target Volume 0.1 to 999.9ml
ON Timer 1 to 1999 min
Weight Mode
Bolus Rate 1000mlƒhr for 50ml Syringe
600mlƒhr for 30ml Syringe
400mlƒhr for 20ml Syringe
200mlƒhr for 10ml Syringe
Input Supply  110−230V, 50ƒ60Hz, Single phase AC, 25 Watt
Battery  12V, 2000mAH rechargeable Li Battery Operates approx 3.5 hour. @ Max Flow rate
Near Empty
Syringe Empty
Target Volume reached
Syringe Holder disturbed
Low Battery
Accuracy +/− 2 %
Material of construction  Powder Coated Aluminium
Weight 3.5kgs

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